Sunday at 10 am on Zoom. Bell Street Chapel Facebook page has the link.

April 4 – Easter – Living Into Death with Rev Paul Langston-Daley – On this Easter Sunday, we explore the question of death and resurrection. Many religious traditions have beliefs about the afterlife. Today we ask, do these beliefs actually influence one’s actions in any way? If so, how do these beliefs influence one’s actions?  Towards oneself? Towards others? 

April 11 – Service with the Worship Committee

April 18 – Rebellion, Resistance and Betrayal (A Look Within: The 1968-1970 UUA Empowerment Controversy) with Rev Paul Langston-Daley – In our ongoing work for collective liberation, this Sunday I offer a brief window in our own UU history, the 1968-1970 UUA Empowerment Controversy. Perhaps you’ve never heard of it. This is an important chapter of our faith, a pivotal moment.  Today we dig a little deeper and learn about that time period in our own history, the decisions made, and the current impact of those decisions on our congregations and association.

April 25 – Service with guest minister Rev Elizabeth Mount